"The mind is everything. What you think you become"- Buddha 

Angela Heskey founder of KarmaPlace4u, is a BSc (Hons) Counsellor and Psychotherapist, specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT works in the basic principles that emotional reactions and behaviours, are strongly influenced by our thoughts, beliefs and interpretations about ourselves in the world we exist in.

I have been studying counselling and psychotherapy on and off for about 17 years. I bring a combination of my experience as a therapist and a human being into the therapy work.

As a humanistic therapist, I also understand how unique we all are, so I will always customise my approach and work to suit each and every individual client and their needs. Although I specialise in CBT, I am trained in other approaches which I will adapt to suit the therapy work I do with you.

Therapy can seem like a scary and complicated process, as we tend to have many layers that needs to be unravelled and explored, in order to get to the heart of our challenges.

The therapy work that I offer can be short or long term, depending on your needs and can be adapted once we establish what you choose to work on.

Confidentiality and boundaries plays a big part of the therapy working alliance. This will be discussed and explained more, during the consultation of our first session.

If I believe that my approaches are not suitable for your needs, I will discuss this with you and offer suggestions for alternative work with an alternative therapist.

Meditation and mindfulness is a major part of my life and every day practice, and has been for many years. I am a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher and incorporate some of this practice in my therapy work, as it can help contribute to the healing process.

I have studied Positive Psychology (PP) for a number of years and incorporate (PP) in the therapy work. As human beings, we have the tendency to focus on the negatives in our life's during our challenging times. We completely forget that there is so much positive, beauty and wonder that co-exists with us.

I have lived in the east end of London for most of my life, where I have previously spent a portion of my time as a volunteer therapist for organisations like MIND and Centre for Better Health. I have been helping people from all walks of life, for most of my life. I have worked as a mobile holistic and sports therapist, skin care and make up consultant, a business development manager for a prestigious skin care brand, prior to becoming a counsellor/psychotherapist.

In my view, we are all amazing, unique and beautiful individuals capable of achieving wonderful things with our life's.

I adhere to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy's (BACP), ethical code and framework for counsellors and psychotherapists. I am also a registered member of the BACP. I have professional liability insurance and attend regular supervision, to ensure that my work with you is both ethical and at a high standard.

If you are finding life difficult or are struggling to cope with any life experiences, please contact me by phone or email. All information shared will be treated with the utmost respect and will remain confidential.

I look forward to speaking and working with you soon.

"Namaste" Translated means "The divine in me, bow's to the divine in you"

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